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About Us

Natural Kids® connects individuals, families and businesses with resources to redefine our collective lifestyle in a way that is good for the environment and safe for our children. We promote green initiatives, organic products and eco- friendly lifestyles to encourage better decisions for our children’s future.

Through our web site, customized programs and business consulting, Natural Kids® offers simple information to get started on a journey towards eco-friendly living. Natural Kids® encourages everyone – individuals, families, businesses to take that first or next step towards doing their part to support environmental stewardship.

Why Natural Kids®?
Parents and families are a "natural" fit, but what does Natural Kids® have to do with businesses? As stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Children's Health Protection, children are adversely affected by exposures to environmental hazards and are often more heavily exposed to environmental toxicants than adults. They consume more food and water and have higher inhalation rates per pound of body weight than adults. Young children play close to the ground and come into contact with contaminated soil outdoors and with contaminated dust on surfaces and carpets indoors. We all contribute to this. The responsibility is ours, as a society, to enable all children to grow up in a safe and healthful environment.

The “green industry” can be overwhelming. We bring you straightforward solutions that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day activities. We get you started, and help you navigate the next step. We connect teachers with curricula, parents with guiding resources on toys and food, families with information about safe cleaning, businesses with industries for recycling or eco-friendly supplies. We also offer strategic business solutions to support corporate environments in creating sustainable business practices.

Donna Doleman Lewis has over 18 years of experience in many sectors of the healthcare industry. After transforming her own home over the years, this wife and mother of two small children saw an overwhelming opportunity to raise awareness of environmental toxins and the need to create safer environments for all of our children.

The theme throughout her career has been wellness, and now she is focused on creating entire environments that promote natural wellness, starting from children in the home, where it all begins. In 2006, with this passion for children’s health, she conceived what is now known as Natural Kids® to promote green lifestyles, products, programs and initiatives that ultimately benefit children.

Lewis has extensive experience as a healthcare executive in large hospitals, health plans, and research-based pharmaceutical companies. Highly accomplished in organizing complex information while creating relevant solutions for the unique needs of individuals and organizations, she hopes to be able to transform lives by sharing these resources.

Why is it important to have a safe environment for children?

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